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All the crockery and china you need

We offer crockery hire in various quantities, with different ranges to suit all tastes and to complement every event. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or need wedding crockery hire, our service will give you the flexible options you need to cater for everyone at your event.

We are unique in that we have don’t charge a washing up fee. You can return all crockery to us without having to wash it first, at no additional cost.

Please call Cameo Event Hire on 020 8659 8000 or email . You are welcome to make an appointment to come into our office – we are based at Kent House Lane, Beckenham BR3 1QZ.

White crockery

Our fine dining crockery and china is available in round, square and rectangular shapes, allowing you to choose a classic or modern look to blend in with your event’s theme.


Dinner plate 270mm013110£2.30
Buffet plate 240mm013210£2.30
Dessert plate 210mm013310£2.30
Side plate 165mm013410£2.30
Sweet/dessert bowl 135mm013510£2.30
Tea cup and saucer012710£2.60
Coffee cup and saucer012810£2.60
Coffee/tea pot 2.5 pints01391£2.60
Milk jug 500ml01291£1.00
Cream jug 200ml0129/CR1£0.75
Sugar bowl01301£0.75
Salt and pepper pot01361£1.00
Bistro/pasta rimmed bowl014010£3.50
Salad bowl 243mm01411£1.30
Sharing square bowl 14.5cm0110/SQ1£0.50
Sharing round bowl 18cm0110/RD1£0.80
Square rimmed bowl 25cm0140/SQ1£0.50
Vegetable round bowl 21cm01431£1.30
Sauce boat 14cl01441£1.00
Charger/dinner plate 300mm014510£3.50
Noodle/rice conical bowl011110£2.60
Soup bowl011510£2.30
Butter pad01181£0.23
Ramekin dish01191£0.23
Double sauce/pinch dish01201£0.75


Dinner plate 28.5cm010110£2.60
Dessert plate 23.5cm010210£2.60
Side plate 18cm010310£2.60
Sharing square bowl 14.5cm0110/SQ1£0.50


Dinner plate 31cmx18.5cm010410£2.60
Dessert plate 23cmx14cm010510£2.60
Side plate 19cmx11.5cm010610£2.60


Stonecast crockery

On trend and highly versatile, Churchill super vitrified china has a rustic charm. This hand decorated nutmeg cream or peppercorn grey-coloured crockery is perfect if you’re looking for something a little different. Make a statement at your event.

Main dinner plate 26cmNutmeg cream015210£5.00
Dessert/starter plate 21.7cmNutmeg cream015110£5.00
Side plate 16.5cmNutmeg cream015010£5.00
Small triangle bowl 15.3cmNutmeg cream015310£5.00
Medium main bowl 24.8cmNutmeg cream015410£5.00
Large bowl 31cmNutmeg cream01551£1.00
Oblong platter 35cmx18.5cmNutmeg cream01561£1.00
Main dinner plate 26cmPeppercorn grey016210£5.00
Dessert/starter plate 21.7cmPeppercorn grey016110£5.00
Side platePeppercorn grey016010£5.00
Small triangle bowl 15.3cmPeppercorn grey016310£5.00
Medium main bowl 24.8cmPeppercorn grey016410£5.00
Large serving bowl 31cmPeppercorn grey01651£1.00
Oblong platter 35cmx18.5cmPeppercorn grey01661£1.00
Mug 12ozPeppercorn grey016710£0.35


Ash black crockery

Choose this fashionable matte glaze in graphite black from the Churchill Menu Shades range and make your event stand out. The mottled colour option will complement your table setting, giving you a contrast to classic white.

Description REFQuantityPrice
Main dinner plate 27cm017210£5.00
Dessert/starter plate 20.5cm017110£5.00
Side plate 15.5cm017410£5.00
Dessert bowl 16cm017010£5.00
Rectangular plate 35.5cmx14cm01731£0.75


Platters & bowls

We have a range of serving platters available for hire as stand-alone items, or along with other crockery. You can choose from round, square and rectangular platters in white as well rectangular platters to match the nutmeg, peppercorn and ash-black crockery ranges.

White rectangular platter 30cm x 14.5cm01121£1.00
White rectangular platter 56cm x 20cm01131£1.30
White round platter 33.5cm0114/RP1£1.30
White square platter 30.3cm0114/SP1£1.30
Nutmeg cream platter 35cm x 18.5cm01561£1.00
Peppercorn grey platter 35cm x 18.5cm01661£1.00
Ash black rectangular platter 35cm x 14cm01731£0.75
Marble melamine platter 32.5cm x 26.5cm#1£1.30


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Crockery to suit your event
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We have various styles of fine dining crockery to suit you, in both modern and more traditional styles. We can hire out crockery in any quantities you need (standard tableware in quantities of 10), meaning we can provide dining and serving equipment for any event. Some of the events we regularly help our customers with include:



Dinner parties






Let us know the quantities you need and our operations team will be able to advise you on availability.

You can browse our crockery options below and find the style you would like for your event. If you can’t see exactly what you want, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you find what you need and we have plenty of options for crockery hire in Kent and London.

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